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Ace Killer OG Strain

(7 customer reviews)



Sativa dominant hybrid 

THC 26 to 27%
CBD  2%
Sativa 30%
Indica 70%
Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy
Benefits Insomnia, Muscle Spasms, Nausea, Stress
Best For Day time use 

Ace Killer OG is an indica strain that boasts a high THC content and a pungent diesel aroma. Bred from White Fire OG, King’s Kush, Kosher Kush, and a mystery strain, Ace Killer OG inherits a heavy blanket of snow-like resin and hard-hitting effects that can stupefy even the most seasoned veteran.

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Ace Killer OG strain is an rare and highly coveted indica strain with an alluring and mysterious lineage. The exclusivity of Ace Killer OG has almost made it an urban legend within the cannabis community.

 Breeders selectively chose Kings Kush and Kosher Kush, two classic indica strains, the hybrid. White Fire OG and another strain of unknown origins for their exceptional genetics to create this exotic one-hitter-quitter. This heavily intoxicating indica strain is known for its high THC concentration and relaxing, sedating effects.

Effects of Ace Killer OG

When it comes to the effects of Ace Killer OG, be ready for a range of feelings. After a few minutes of toking, you feel like flying in the clouds. It makes you feel lighter than ever. In some cases, it takes up to 20 minutes to experience its effects after the first inhale.

With happy thoughts and cheerful memories, it makes you feel happy. Sometimes, it also makes you feel hungry. Keep some snacks next to you to save a trip to the refrigerator.

Within a couple of hours, you notice a warm sensation. It eases your pains, tightness, and stress. This is the moment where you forget all your worries and pains.

With a sedative body stone, it will lock you on the couch. Most of the users can’t do much at this point because they fall asleep. Due to pain relief and sedative feeling, you can’t resist falling asleep.

Appearance, Aroma & Flavor of Ace Killer OG Strain

Ace Killer OG is a genetically gifted flower. With a light green color, these crystal-coated buds can mesmerize anyone.

The buds of strain smell like diesel. However, when combusted, it gives off an aroma of woody pine.

As soon as you smoke, you get the flavors of wood and diesel. In the beginning, it feels sour but turns into refreshing pine.

Medical Uses of Ace Killer OG Strain

With 2 percent CBD content, Ace killer OG ranks higher than most recreational strains. It relaxes your mind and provides instant stress relief. Furthermore, it removes anxiety, PTSD, and depression symptoms temporarily.

As mentioned earlier, it is extremely effective against pain. It relaxes your muscles reducing the pain and tightness. It is an excellent option for patients suffering from epilepsy.

Sleep helps in producing new cells and recovering your body. The Ace Killer OG strains help you fall asleep easily and quickly. Most importantly, it increases the quality and quantity of sleep.

Possible Side Effects

Ace Killer OG can make you feel disoriented due to its high potency. Personal tolerance decided whether you feel disoriented or not. The best way to avoid any side effects is to start slow.

Cottonmouth is one of the unavoidable side effects of marijuana strains. When cannabinoids interfere with saliva products, you are bound to experience this effect.

Gladly, these side effects don’t stay for long. If you experience the symptoms for a long duration, drink a few glasses of water to reduce the symptoms.

Final Words

Ace Killer OG is a highly potent marijuana strain. It offers a range of benefits from stress reduction to pain relief. When you consume the strain within your limits, you are not likely to experience adverse effects.
If you are trying the strain for the first time, it is better to have a trusted person next to you. Best of luck.


14 Grams, A Pound, An Ounce, Half Pound, Quarter Pound

7 reviews for Ace Killer OG Strain

  1. Poppy-Mae Nunez

    I will buy this product again. No questions asked. very nice looking indica and smells amazing!

  2. Lachlan Chen

    My best indica strain ever love the killer OG flavor, you guys are a blessing UK connect.

  3. Leo Berry

    Because I have received my package, fine information about your products.

  4. Lois Novak

    Some of my buds were rock hard and some were fluffy but overall a nice strain

  5. Denis Healy

    Got some in my mix ounce ,nice dense nug,clean smoke ,will order again.

  6. Mai Harding

    It also gives you a nice kick of temporary happiness which is great!
    The only downsides I found where it’s potential of causing paranoia, oddly, and a pasty mouth.

  7. Lesley Petersen

    Legendary strain, good and sweet so spicy. Its better than sativa that makes me cough and feel too much pain in my chest.

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