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Alien Kush Strain


ORIGIN California Purple Kush (LVPK) mixed with Alien Dawg
EFFECTS relaxed – 10
euphoric – 7
sleepy – 6
uplifted – 5
tingly – 5
paranoid – 10
dizzy – 8
headache – 2
dry eyes – 2
FRAGRANCE earthy, herbal, pine, pungent, spicy
FLAVORS berry, herbal, pine, spicy, woody
MEDICAL tress – 10
pain – 9
insomnia – 5
depression – 5
headaches – 4
CBD  1.00%
INDICA / SATIVA  50% / 50%
OUTDOOR YIELD 18oz/ plant
CLIMATE warm and sunny outdoor climate
RESISTANCE TO DISEASE resistant to common molds and mildew

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Alien Kush Strain | Alien Kush is a cross between Las Vegas Purple Kush (LVPK) and Alien Dawg that originally hails from California. It has a medium THC content of about 14% and features a woody scent with earthy tones.

What Is the Alien Kush Strain?

Alien Kush is a potent child strain of Las Vegas Purple Kush and Alien Dawg and is native to California. It’s a perfectly balanced hybrid – 50% sativa and 50% indica – and has a THC level of about 14%. It’s a spacey strain that results in a slightly psychedelic, and occasionally more sativa-dominant hybrid sensation.

Alien Kush can make you feel buzzy and enhance your mood. It’s a fully-functional body and mind smoke that makes users feel all sorts of calm and relaxed. Alien Kush is the perfect evening strain and can put you into a slightly psychedelic state of mind whereby you can truly unwind and breathe out in complete relaxation.

Upon first taste, users are graced with an elated, euphoric head high. But as the full experience sets in, a stronger physical relaxation takes over. The strain isn’t quite strong enough to result in a serious couch-lock. However, overall it is sedative and sleepy.

Recreational users will appreciate the happy, fun vibe this strain provides. Fans of Alien Kush often report feeling more silly and creative. It’s also not uncommon to feel a full-body tingle, making this a potentially great choice for couples looking to spice things up in the bedroom.

The high lasts for around two hours, during which time it promotes feelings of relaxation, happiness, and elation. Furthermore, it frees the mind from lockdown and enhances creativity, making it perfect for recreational use.


The Alien Kush nugs give off a striking and exotic aroma. You will get notes of spice and pine at the forefront, and cannabis connoisseurs will detect the underlying floral scent.


The aroma reflects the taste of Alien Kush. A slight astringency results in a robust flavor that clings to the palette. Woody and earthy flavors are also added to the mix, ensuring an overall pleasing experience.


The relaxing qualities of Alien Kush are also seen quite obviously in its no-fuss growing attitude. The plant is light green and grows beautifully colorful buds that are covered with red and orange hairs, which makes it appear as though it deserves its out-of-space sounding name.

Alien Kush Strain Grow Info

Alien Kush is reportedly easy to grow indoors and outdoors, even for novices. It has a medium yield and a flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks. The strain prefers a sunny and warm outside environment and performs especially well when kept in a happy outdoor setting.

When grown indoors, you can expect an average yield of about 14 ounces of fresh bud during harvest. It needs an average of 8 to 9 weeks to fully flower.

When grown outdoors in the right environment, Alien Kush can yield approximately 18 ounces of fresh bud per harvest. The plant usually flowers throughout the late summer and will be ready for harvest around mid-October.

THC Content – Highest Test

The THC content of Alien Kush can reach up to as high as 19%, but it’s usually lower than that – with an average of 14%. The moderately low levels of THC make this strain great for beginners or those who want the Indica experience without getting too toasty.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Alien Kush only contains about 1% CBD – and there are no reports of it having any more than that.

Medical Benefits

Unlike many other strains, Alien Kush has a number of effects and benefits, which make it great for both medicinal and recreational use. One hit initially hits the brain with trippy feelings that are mostly experienced from sativa strains. Eventually, the buzz settles in the body and induces feelings of relaxation.

The strains’ ability to relax helps to soothe headaches, nausea, pain, as well as uplifting mood and increasing appetite.

If this is smoked or vaporized, medical users can expect approximately two hours of relief from a number of ailments. These include:

  • Moderate aches and pains, nausea, and headaches.
  • If you use this Alien weed strain about an hour before bedtime, it can help you to fall asleep with ease.
  • Mood disorders, such as stress and depression, can be positively impacted by the mental uplift associated with this strain.

Possible Side Effects

Alien marijuana strain is fairly potent and thus may cause some unwanted side effects in some users. When using the strain, your mouth may feel dry and parched, causing you to search for a way to rehydrate – so be sure to have something to drink on hand.

Other possible side effects include a general feeling of paranoia. This is mostly because you will feel how potent the strain is, and it could make you feel a little disorientated. Alien Kush may also make you feel dizzy and sometimes causes a dry or itchy eye sensation.

Final Thoughts on the Alien Kush Strain

Alien weed strain is good at making anyone feel truly motivated and uplifted, with only optimistic thoughts running through your head and inspiring you. It can make you feel tingly and giggly, and you will feel its positive high deep into your bones, spurning you on.

This strain is a great option for both recreational and medicinal users since it offers a good mix of mental and physically therapeutic effects. It’s great for relaxing, especially in the evening, and could be just what you need to help get a good night’s sleep.


14 Grams, A Pound, An Ounce, Half Pound, Quarter Pound


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