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Granddaddy Purple

(14 customer reviews)


THC 13%
CBD  1%
Sativa 20%
Indica 80%
Effects Relaxed, Dry Eyes, Creative.
Benefits Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Insomnia.
Best For Night time use 

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where to buy granddaddy purple | Granddaddy purple weed (aka grand daddy purp) is one of the most popular Indica strains on the west coast and is perhaps the most well known ‘purple’ cannabis strain in the US. grand daddy purp.

Created back in 2003 by Ken Estes in the San Francisco Bay Area, Ken and his team sought out to create the ultimate Indica hybrid by merging two strains with fantastic genetics – Purple Urkle and Big Bud. The product of these two, grand daddy purple, is a spitting image of it’s parents’ two best qualities – the deep and dark purple hue from Purple Urkle and the overgrown, dense buds of Big Bud. The dark purple buds blend well with the bright orange hairs and frosted white trichomes that generously cover the bud making it an extremely photogenic strain. grand daddy purple strain. purple indica strain.

Typical Effects Of Granddaddy Purple Weed


Common Usage Of Purple Strains | Granddaddy Purple Weed for sale


From San Francisco down to Los Angeles, granddaddy purple is one of the most sought after Indica strains due to it’s Hollywood looks and classic Indica effects. Despite this popularity, however, many growers and those working in the dispensary world have claimed that Grand Daddy Purps is almost identical to another famous purple strain – Grape Ape. grand daddy purple. purple marajuana.

Some even go so far as to speculate that these two strains may be in fact the same. Others simply say that they are so eerily similar in lineage, look, taste, and effects that they are simply confused with one another by growers, dispensaries, and consumers alike. where to buy granddaddy purple. granddad. purple buds strain. gdp weed. purple marijuana.

Effects Of Purple Weed

Perfect for night time use, Grand Daddy Purple hits both the body and mind initially but quickly fades into a smooth body buzz like most heavy Indicas do. For patients Granddaddy Purps is ideal for pain management. It can also be effective at treating insomnia, depression and anxiety. Novice users beware though, this strain can pack a powerful punch. We’d recommend starting with a hit or two and waiting a few minutes before opting to consume more. gdp strain. grand daddy purple strain. purp weed.

Growing Purple Weed Strains

Granddaddy Purple grows best indoors but can be grown outside as well. Flowering commences usually around 70-77 days when grown indoors and growers can expect harvest in early October when grown outdoors. The oversized buds may begin to weigh down the plant, especially if grown outdoors. When grown indoors the plant should be short and stocky enough to hold the weight but you may want to prepare to offer some support around the 60 day mark if you notice the buds beginning to wear down the plant’s frame. Yields can top 4 ounces per plant on an indoor grow and well over 3 pounds per plant on an outdoor grow. For optimal results keep temperatures within the 70’s throughout the grow cycle and keep humidity between 50-55%.

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14 Grams, A Pound, An Ounce, Half Pound, Quarter Pound

14 reviews for Granddaddy Purple

  1. Bertha Storey

    True Grandaddy Purp when grown properly smells and tastes like berries and the leaves will turn a solid purple while the buds will have a 50/50 look of green and purple with a silvery type look. The smell of this bud should fill an entire room when you have a bag of it in your pocket. The smoke is smooth and savory with that classic purple berry flavor lingering with a heavy hitting high that lasts for hours. This stuff is great for pain, tuning out the world when you need to, with a euphoric stoney high that will just keep you ripped all day. Many like this for a nighttime smoke but conesoiurs of fine marijuana would love smoking this all day long. Dispensary grade Grandaddy Purp is often a cheap knock off or just not grown properly and may smell more like hay and pine needles that have been in the rain too long and I would rate that stuff a 1, but it’s not real GDP, it’s just an imposter giving the strain a bad name.

  2. Arandeep Bray

    Granddaddy was the first medical marijuana I ever tried and it still remains a favorite. All of my Generalized Anxiety Disorder quirks and things were eliminated and I was able to speak openly and honestly for the first time I could remember in a long long time. If you are depressed and need a pick-me-up, grab a friend and a couple grams of this strain. Thumbs way up. Oh yeah, I was totes high as fuck too, so that was cool. Grab some snacks.

  3. Tiah Woods

    I have to say that it is my favorite strain for night time. I am really not a huge fan of most indicas, I prefer sativas, but granddaddy purple is the best indica I have ever had and I can’t get enough of it. the smell of the buds are very fruity and berryish, the vapor tastes earthy with a hint of sweetness. the high is quite euphoric with a mild couchlock feeling and comes on quite quickly. after an hour or 2 the couchlock feeling gets more intense while the euphoria slowly drifts off and your eyelids become very very heavy and you slowly drift off to sleep. I can’t recommend GDP enough. if your are not a huge fan of indicas but you want to try one for sleep than look for GDP and give it a try.

  4. Edward Mcclure

    I have lupus, fibromyalgia, arthritis, and neuropathy from diabetes. This has been the only strain that helped reduce pain, but also helps me sleep throught the night. I haven’t slept that we’ll in years!

  5. Franky Fraser

    Love this strain! ???? It had me so relaxed. I suffer from PTSD so getting to sleep and staying asleep is difficult…I smoked a little of this before bed and in no time I was falling asleep and actually had a good sleep. ☺ It smells sooooo good too ???? haha

  6. Ziva Alcock

    When i smoked this, me and my friends weren’t high… we lit a joint, smoked a few bowls, blew through a g and didnt feel a thing. and then about 5 mins later i experienced something a little like being a bunny rabbit with wings riding a cloud into an ocean of flowers.

  7. Anas Wolf

    I thought this was more of a head high than a body high in my opinion. I listened to this Creedence Clearwater Revival song “Ramble Tamble”, it tripped me the hell out but it was so amazing. I would recommend listening to music while smoking this. I always get the munchies too. When I smoked this, me and my friend were out in a cornfield. The sky had an overcast, all white clouds. It made me feel like I was in the middle of no where like I was in a different universe. Have you ever seen the one episode of Spongebob where Squidward used the time machine and he went back and forward and time, and then he screwed up the time machine and then he ended up in this world where it was all empty and white? Yeah it felt like that. Then later, we had to wash his car. I felt very productive. It made me get some stuff done. Then later at night I went to bed, still high, I put on some good headphones and listened to some Floyd. “Echoes” to be exact. Everytime I listen to Floyd and close my eyes, I always see amazing things in my head. Anyway I like this strain haha.

  8. Taylan Velazquez

    Really good stuff. This is both a body and mind relaxation strain that will make where you are sitting or laying down on feel like clouds. Not that you can’t get out of the couch lock if you need to or just wanna get something to eat. I highly recommend this near bedtime due to GDP putting you out to sleep later on. Makes a great sleep aid, and pain killer if you are someone looking for something to give you the Z’s and ease any pains you have on your body. I would recommend listening to music on GDP and especially calming music to help better the sleep aid benefits of it. Sounds of music on this are amazing. GPD will also take your mind off of stresses off your shoulders, would highly also recommend too for anxiety relief.

  9. Arlene Nicholson

    Reunited…. and it feels so good! Seriously, this strain is a hands-down, heavy-hitting indica with classic indica effects. The dense dark nugs with shiny crystals makes this flower an eye-pleaser. The aroma is slightly sweet and fruity with a hint of earthy pine in the background. This strain only takes a few hits to feel the seemingly ever-lasting effects. Novices should use caution as too much at once will leave you stuck, forgetting useful information like house keys and your telephone number. More experienced users might feel the initial energy and focus followed by a heavy relaxing state. One of my all time favorites- better for relaxing days or an evening toke. Enjoy!

  10. Nylah Edmonds

    The Grandfather of Purple! What an amazing friend. For me it has a earthy, yet grape sweet like smell. It’s effects are exactly what I need. It calms down my muscle spasms in my back and neck which cause terrible headaches. It’s a creeper so if you blaze and sit down, there is a possibility of a power nap. Which is okay with me. It helps my mind clear before the final zzzz ‘s.

  11. Inaayah Galloway

    I tried Granddaddy Purple for the first time yesterday. I’d looked forward to trying it all week after reading these reviews. Seriously, I think I was MORE excited to try the strain than a kid looks forward to Christmas. The taste is so sweet. The smoke is thick and heavy with the sweet under taste. Nice! 5 minutes later….nothing. No effects whatsoever. 10 minutes in, my only effect was boredom. No! 15 minutes in, I decided I must have inhaled wrong or something. 17 minutes in, just as I was going to grab the bong for another go HELLO GRANDDADDY! To say I was stoned would be an understatement. I’m pretty sure my butt melded with the couch. I was pretty much capable of watching and re-watching trailers on On Demand. I wanted food. All the food. Thank God I was trapped by some unseen force and couldn’t get off the couch. Granddaddy Purple was slow acting, but Negasonic level badass in it’s punch. Tread carefully. This is definitely a nighttime strain. Unless your daytime gig involves watching the Deadpool trailer 19 times, you probably don’t want to try this when you need to be productive. Pain is powerless against GP. So is nausea, anxiety, annoyance and insomnia. This strain would probably set you back to good after drinking 32 cups of coffee and getting hit by a bus.

  12. Aalia Villegas

    GDP! This is by far one of my favorite stains. There is something special about purple buds. I love the physical high of this strain, it’s so heavy and relieving. After smoking it, you just sit back and think, “WOW” I am HIGH!

  13. Kylan Lynch

    This is one of my all time favorite strains. I love that it’s got that Urkle in it. Okay, so I just had some of this stuff after getting an IUD, dealing with Fibromyalgia pain, muscle spasms, cramps, PTSD, Anxiety, CFS, nausea, lack of appetite, etc. I have been sitting around for hours wondering if the problems would ever get any better, but I doubted that they would. I finally decided to roll a joint of this and some Tahoe OG, and now I’m free of cramps, muscle spasms, shooting pain, nausea, Anxiety, etc. It’s insane how much this strain has helped with my medical issues. It’s rare that I find a strain that will completely help with medical problems, but also help me be happy, become more creative, and stay awake. In my opinion, a Grade A strain if it’s grown right, dried & cured correctly, trimmed well, and stored properly.

  14. Chelsea Mcculloch

    Just tried this for the first time. It really does smell and taste sweet like berries. GDP struck me as a creeper strain. I didn’t realize how high I was until I tried to actually do things. I totally lost track of my phone for about a half hour. This feels very sedative. It’s a very heady high that to me almost feels like a sativa, but it is relaxing instead of energetic. This is definitely a evening and night strain. I feel very mentally relaxed. More than any other strain has made me feel. My head feels empty, but in a good way. Like my problems, anxieties, and negative thoughts are being blocked or taken out of my head. This is truly a strain to help you de-stress and forget about a bad or stressful day. I have a feeling this will help me fall asleep quite easy. This strain is great for what I wanted it for. I like this strain. I rate it a 4.5.

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