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Durban Poison Vape Cartridge

(12 customer reviews)


12 reviews for Durban Poison Vape Cartridge

  1. Courtney Mercado

    This one has been so good in taste and the effects. I would definitely recommend this for anyone who is looking for relief without getting too tired.????

  2. Wilf Booker

    I was hoping for this to keep me uplifted and motivated throughout the day but it had the opposite affect on me. This puts me to sleep. I love it for that though.

  3. Maegan Schroeder

    1. A classic that will never get old
    2. Smooth Drags
    3. Strong mental effects of wellbeing
    4. Awesome anxiety destroyer
    5. Pair it with a cup of Joe and you will be ready to tackle the world and all of its problems.

  4. Leslie Hansen

    Wonderful flavor and effect. Gives me a bit of pep and a boost to my focus. Tastes like nature if it was candy. Good stuff!

  5. Anna Walters

    I ordered the Durban Poison as well as the Wedding Cake and both were great. I think I enjoy the Wedding Cake a bit more, but I will order and try a different “daytime” cart to replace the Durban Poison.

  6. Koby Smart

    Really nice taste! Quality cart that lasts nice and long????

  7. Jamila Fields

    Tried this for the first time today, I was told it was tad stronger than the Green Crack and in my opinion it fell a little short but not taking anything away from the Durbin Poison it’s very good and will not disappoint. Thanks Guys

  8. Tabitha Murray

    Very mild and mellow, nice relaxing result, removes my stress and allows me to sleep at night.

  9. Lexi-Mae Goodman

    Great but definitely not the best
    This was definitely a softer calmer smoke. Def would get for night time use though

  10. Shakil Lambert

    Exactly what I hoped for I chose the Durban poison strain as a special gift for a friend, who hates carts but loves Durban poison and never gets to smoke it. He was delighted by the flavor, while I found the effects fairly strong and consistent throughout the cart’s lifespan. The only issues I had involved vaping at the “medium” temperature for my pen, which resulted in a slightly burnt taste and some condensation/very mild leaking. Make sure to use the lowest temp your pen is capable of, and all should be well.

  11. Ignacy Gould

    A daytime flavor for me. Less on the licorice taste than I’d hoped. Nice alert calm effect best early on in the day. This kept me cheerily awake when had too close to bedtime. Your experience may vary.

  12. Elliot Hastings

    This was really nice to have after a long day on your feet at work. Relaxing and uplifting, the perfect combo! Will definitely buy again!

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