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Buy weed Online Michigan

Original Runtz


Buy Original Runtz Strain Online 


original runtz strain is a rare cross of skittles and gelato. It comes in  3.5 grams skills cross with gelato powered by Runtz Official Dispensary.  The first thing about this is that it’s grown in California;  not flown in from somewhere else. This is the pride of the California medical marijuana industry.  It has just got the composure of Cali buds it looks great. Our buds are always given an incredible trim job.

The nuts are incredibly developed though not looking too uniform.  They don’t just look like little boulders they’ve all got their own shape. There’s extra care been taken on our buds with the trim job.  It’s got darker greens with the lighter patches of the trichome coverage and the faded copper-colored pistols. Thus an incredible beefy bud structure. A cheeky dab from it looks like a melted starburst.

This strain is grown using revolutionary jungle boys Los Angeles farmer’s techniques for high yield and high potency.

Original Runtz Strain for Sale

It’s got a beautiful smell it is like assorted sweets. The flavor is very unique, like sherbert and hard candies and different fruity flavors all rolled into one.  It’s got a nicely nuanced and complex flavor that just simplified.  The high involves chatty uplift happiness and just the things you associate with that Sativa dominant hybrid. It’s like a nice daytime smoke despite being quite strong. Buy 3.5g of the original Runtz strain online today shipped in our vacuum-sealed mylar bags and get great discounts


hp(228grams), OZ(28grams), Qp(114grams)


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